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Domenick Tonacchio social media construction tips

Recently, the U.S. has been experiencing a shortage of skilled construction workers. Many construction workers left the industry due to the recession. Now that a number of the baby boomers are retiring, it’s hard for human resources professionals in the construction industry to find skilled workers. In addition, the average of human resources executive in construction has a lot on their plate.

When you’re running out of skilled workers, you need to step up your recruiting game. One of the most important aspects of recruiting is transparency. If you want to decrease churn, make sure you match expectations with reality. You may fear transparency because of the chances of candidates dropping. While this may occur, the quality of the candidates will increase, and churn will decrease. One of the best places to be transparent is on social media. Here are some social media recruiting techniques:

1) Show potential candidate what a typical day is like

Follow on of your employees through their day at work and then use social media to display this. The best way to do this would be through a video, which works especially well on social media, where people don’t want to read a long post. If you don’t want to do a video, photos can work well, too. You’ll want to give incoming workers a solid idea of what a day at your company looks like.

2) Ask questions on your social media

Social media shouldn’t just be used for posts. It should also be used for two-way interactions. Instead of just talking about your company, ask questions of your followers. Let’s say you’ve just learned about a new piece of equipment. Ask the community if anyone has used the new product and how they felt about their experience.

3) Post job openings and get people to share

Posting your job openings is a must. Putting them on social media instead of only on your website gives your employees an easy way to share those posts on their own social networks. You can even make an incentive such as a catered lunch for any employee who does this. One of the most powerful ways of finding strong candidates is to get the word out about open positions to your current employees circles.

4) Use paid advertising

You may be hesitant to drop some money on advertising, but if you are running the recruiting pipeline on your own, then it is absolutely necessary. You’ll want to narrow down your filters so that your ads are only shown to those who match the ideal demographics. These demographics may be filtered by past work history or other qualities that would make an ideal employee

5) Report on community news

People will want to work for your company if you interact with your community. This is especially true for a construction company, since construction companies often gain business through word of mouth, or through a potential consumer seeing the nice job your company did on their neighbor’s house. If you become a resource for news that your existing employees have an interest in, you will be able to attract like-minded candidates.

6) Profile Existing Employees

Those who are searching for a job are probably looking for a place where they really fit in. If you profile your existing customers and share this information, potential candidates can get a feel for whether the company is a good fit for them. These profiles should include what employees are doing not only inside, as well as outside, of work.

If you’re in the HR department of a construction company, chances are you’re struggling to find enough skilled employees. The key to recruiting the right employees is to get the word out on social media. Once you improve your social media skills, you’ll be able to find the best people for the job in no time.